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Open Hours

Usually we are open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 1pm - 4pm, but check top of home page to be sure.
Info about open hours is updated every Wednesday and Saturday by 9:00 a.m.

Marilyn Nemzer, Director

Marilyn Nemzer, Director
Email communications only (sorry no phone).


852 Del Ganado Rd.
San Rafael, CA 94903
(This is NOT a US Post Office address - Do not use for mail.)
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Here at the Global Book Exchange, we are all volunteers, so please be understanding when you come to get books or bring us books. We are not like a full-service bookstore, but we always do our best to help you, and we appreciate your patience and support.


Book Search

If you are not local and you are interested in a set of a specific title (minimum 12 copies per order)  you may ask us to search for and ship textbooks and/or teacher editions to you. If you are local and want to pick up the books at our facility, we will do a search for you for a $20 non-refundable search fee payable in advance by credit card. (Obviously we encourage you to come do your own searching!)

Fyi,  most of our textbooks were published at least 5 years ago. Most are in great shape, some are like-new.

Please do not send us a search and ship request unless you are prepared to prepay for the books you are requesting, in accordance with the following:

  • Minimum 12 copies of requested title
  • One title per request form
  • Each book will cost no less than $2.50
  • Shipping per book will be approximately $2.50


  1. Complete the K-12 Used Textbook Search Request Form below (one form for each title).
  2. We will search for your textbooks during our next regular day at The Book Exchange. If we cannot find what you want we will email you to let you know.
  3. If we find what you want, we will e-mail you to let you know the total cost.
  4. You must prepay the entire amount.  After we receive your payment, we will ship the books to you.
Fields in BOLD are required. Press return to submit form.
Requestor Name
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City State, Zip
Grade Level
Book Title
ISBN Number
Year of publication
Number of Copies
Add Teacher's Edition (if available)
Additional Identifying information (spine color, soft/hard cover, url showing photo of book, etc.)