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Open Hours

Usually we are open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 1pm - 4pm, but check top of home page to be sure.
Info about open hours is updated every Wednesday and Saturday by 9:00 a.m.

Marilyn Nemzer, Director

Marilyn Nemzer, Director
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852 Del Ganado Rd.
San Rafael, CA 94903
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Here at the Global Book Exchange, we are all volunteers, so please be understanding when you come to get books or bring us books. We are not like a full-service bookstore, but we always do our best to help you, and we appreciate your patience and support.



“I’m a special education teacher and don’t know what I’d do without The Book Exchange. For nearly twenty years, as a teacher in both Marin and the East Bay, I’ve counted on The Book Exchange to supply me with much-needed materials for my students with special needs. Also, I like to give books away to students in my reading intervention class, some of whom I know have no books at home. As a resource teacher I have created class libraries for many classrooms to support other teachers’ accelerated reading programs. I would not be where I am today without The Book Exchange.”    Kim Cappel, Resource Specialist and longtime Book Exchange volunteer

“Our second-grade field trip in May was incredibly exciting for our students. As you know, we are a Title I school, so many of our students’ families face economic challenges. I can tell you that I had quite a few students this year who did not have many, if any, books at home for the students’ nightly reading homework. One of my students wrote in her reading log over 20 times that she read Go Dog Go for her nightly reading. When these students got to choose twelve books to keep at our Global Book Exchange field trip, it was like winning the lottery for them.   Besides the field trip, I am also very thankful for the ongoing availability of books through the Global Book Exchange. Thanks to the huge number of books you house, over the last two years I was able to acquire enough large student dictionaries for my entire class. I can now teach lessons on dictionary skills and every student has a dictionary to work with at his desk. The support and services you provide are life-changing. I hope we can continue going to the Global Book Exchange on field trips and that you can expand the program to more grade levels and more schools in the area. Not only does it benefit students, but I don’t even want to think about what would happen to all those perfectly good books if your organization did not collect, house, and put them in the hands of those who need them.”   Kim Press Venetia Valley K-8 School Classroom Teacher

“Thank you Global Book Exchange for giving us books. I got a book of maps so I can see where I live.”   Erick, 5th grader, San Rafael, student in Experience Corps program

“The Book Exchange is a terrific resource. From my years as a trustee on public school boards, I know how much public school teachers (especially the newer ones) need those extra classroom materials. Your volunteer project is also a super opportunity for our students to give back. Thanks for being there for us all!”  Ann Gigounas, English and Study Skills teacher, Stuart Hall School for Boys, San Francisco

“Marin Community Clinics truly appreciate getting books from the Global Book Exchange, so that each child visiting our clinics is able to leave with a book in support of our Reach Out and Read program. Their smiles as they choose books translate to ‘Thank you so much, Book Exchange!’ ”   Judie Shaw, Volunteer with Marin Community Clinics

“Our High School Environmental Club has been collecting used textbooks for many years, knowing that there was a better place for them than either a landfill or a recycling bin. Having The Book Exchange as a resource here in Marin County is a manifestation of every environmental value I know. We’re happy to be able to support it, and hope it’ll be here for many years to come.”   Erik Schmitz, Teacher, Marin Catholic High School, Kentfield

“Over the years The Book Exchange has provided hundreds of textbooks to our programs… New versions of these textbooks would cost over $60 each. … On behalf of the students and staff of the Marin County Office of Education Alternative Education programs, thank you so much for the work you do to help provide our students with the textbooks and supplemental materials they need to be successful in school.” Lisa Schwartz, Director, Marin County Office of Education Alternative Education programs

“Nowhere else can an educational non-profit find 12 middle school writing textbooks, 12 copies of A RAISIN IN THE SUN, 12 THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, 12 copies of a text on multicultural creation myths and 12 copies of A JOURNEY HOME all for $35.00. Our teachers and volunteers go to The Book Exchange at least once a month to find the books to keep our ravenous young readers satisfied…Without The Book Exchange, we could not teach as many classes as we do or run as many reading programs. The children would not have such enriched curriculums or the ability to know the excitement of a full book bag.”     Sally Matsuishi, President of Next Generation Scholars, a non-profit that helps low income students across Marin gain access to college

” The Book Exchange has been steadfast in my family’s life for the past 15 years, not only providing us with quality textbooks but giving my children opportunities to engage in the larger community and in positive relationships with the other volunteers, relationships that will last them beyond college.”  Caroline McCahey, homeschooler, Novato


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