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Open Hours

Usually we are open on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 1pm - 4pm, but check top of home page to be sure.
Info about open hours is updated every Wednesday and Saturday by 9:00 a.m.

Marilyn Nemzer, Director

Marilyn Nemzer, Director
Email communications only (sorry no phone).


852 Del Ganado Rd.
San Rafael, CA 94903
(This is NOT a US Post Office address - Do not use for mail.)
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Here at the Global Book Exchange, we are all volunteers, so please be understanding when you come to get books or bring us books. We are not like a full-service bookstore, but we always do our best to help you, and we appreciate your patience and support.


Ship Books

The Book Exchange usually has enough textbooks on hand to fill a 20 ft. shipping container, which holds approximately 450-500 boxes (12,000-15,000 books).  Of course, we can send less than a whole container-full.

Some things to know in general about shipping books from the Global Book Exchange:

The receiving organization can make its own shipping arrangements, or GBX can work with the sponsor, but all costs have to be covered by the sponsoring group or individual. We provide the books and help pack them for shipment.

    1. Children’s reading books (i.e. books other than textbooks) are always in demand, so please don’t plan on filling an entire container with them. 
    2. You can come in and help us pack and prepare your shipment, or we will be glad to do the whole thing for you.

IF YOU ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY and are requesting books, here is most of what you need to know. Please email any questions.

The Global Book Exchange (GBX) sends English-language books worldwide to support the goal of universal literacy. To establish a program to work with you, we need to have a local partner near the proposed destination.  Normally, this is a local Rotary International club – with one or more of its members designated to coordinate receipt and delivery of the shipment. In most cases, GBX delivers books by ship to a port of entry you designate.  You and your local partner/coordinator will be responsible for taking over at this point.  It is important to us that all the paperwork is approved ahead of time to facilitate clearing customs.

We have sometimes joined with the Golden Gate Computer Society to provide computer labs for schoolroom use.  In this case, GBX and the Golden Gate Computer Society needs assurance that qualified technical help is available. We are looking forward to working with you, but we also want to be very sure that what we send will arrive and be useful to you.

         Before we can organize any project, we need to know the following basic facts about the books you need:

       1 • The grade levels of your students

        2• If you want textbooks, reading books or both

        3• If you want textbooks, the typical class size

        4• How many books you can usefully use. (A good number to start with would be a shipping pallet containing around 1,000 books. We have also shipped  20 foot containers with about 12,000 or more books.)

        5• The name of your potential local sponsor and an e-address for the point of contact.